Town of Slave Lake FireSmart Land Use Bylaw Amendment


The Town of Slave Lake is undertaking a project, based on Council direction, that will incorporate FireSmart principles into the Land Use Bylaw. Town’s Administration will amend the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) to:

  • Help identify wildfire danger zones within the Town boundary;

  • Require Wildfire Risk Assessments as a submission requirement of subdivision and development applications for lands within or adjacent to the Wildland/Urban Interface;
  • Create development standards regarding buffers, roads, and access design;
  • Regulate construction materials for buildings within or adjacent to the Wildland/Urban interface; and
  • Develop specific standards to tree clearing, propane tank storage, and building materials.


Amendments to the Town of Slave Lake’s Land Use Bylaw will occur in the following four phases.

Town of Slave Lake Land Use Bylaw

The purpose of the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) is to regulate and control the use and development of land and buildings within the Town of Slave Lake.

A review of the LUB is important to ensure applicable FireSmart principles are reflected and can be implemented through the municipal planning process. Implementing FireSmart principles within LUB regulations will proactively plan for and reduce the risk of wildfires within the Town of Slave Lake.


The purpose of FireSmart is to reduce the risk of wildfires in communities through preventative measures while balancing the benefits of wildfire on the landscape. Developed areas that are intertwined in prominent environmental surroundings are prone to wildfires and are known as wildland/urban interface areas.

Community planning with a FireSmart focus helps to prevent wildfires through reducing the availability of wildfire fuel. Planning will also consider the mitigation/response to wildfire occurrences through the provision of emergency infrastructure.