FireSmart LUB Amendment Survey

A Citizen Survey to identify key issues and opportunities for incorporating FireSmart principles into the LUB is now available.

Please click here for survey.

Public Engagement Event #1: Focus Group Sessions, Project Launch Information Session

Focus Group Session #1 and #2:


Focus Group Session #1 will include representatives from newly developed communities, land developers, Tri-Council representatives, Town Council members, the Fire Chief and municipal planning staff. Focus Group Session #2 will include members from the Chamber of Commerce, residents in mature areas, key landowners in the urban/wildlife interface, Town Council members, representatives from the Fire Department, and municipal planning staff. Each focus group will comprise of 8-10 members.

The objective of Focus Group Session #1 and #2 will be to discuss specific issues and concerns. The Consultant Team aims to seek input regarding FireSmart regulation and implementation in the Land Use Bylaw, specific for the Town of Slave Lake. A facilitated discussion, led by the Consultant Team, will review the results of the survey, identify themes, and discuss the level of support for each theme.


Open House #1:


Open House #1 will occur in mid to late September. The purpose of this information session is to introduce the project to the public. An overview of FireSmart principles, best practices, and typical development standards will be provided. Town Administration and members of the Consultant Team will be in attendance to address any citizen questions. A ‘What We Heard’ Report will summarize feedback from the Open House and be publicly available after the event.


What We Heard Report available here!!

Public Engagement Event #2: LUB Amendment Directions

Focus Group Session #3 and 4:


In Focus Group Session #3 and #4, participants will be presented with a draft set of FireSmart regulations. These regulations will be developed from the information in the survey and feedback from Public Engagement Event #1. Participants will be asked to provide options for potential FireSmart regulations in each topic area, classify their level of support for each draft regulations, and identify alternative FireSmart regulations.


Open House #2:


Open House #2 will be held in late fall/early winter 2019. The purpose of this open house will be to provide the public with key highlights of the FireSmart LUB amendment direction. An interactive presentation and discussion will allow the public to discuss LUB changes, issues, and opportunities. The Consultant Team and Staff from the Town of Slave Lake will be in attendance.

Public Engagement Event #3: Draft LUB Amendments

Open House #3 will occur in winter of 2020. The focus of this open house will be to provide the draft LUB amendments for public review and discussion. The Consultant Team will prepare display panels for each bylaw amendment and the public will have the opportunity to provide feedback.

Upcoming Events

  • Phase 2: Focus Group Session #2
  • Phase 2: Public Engagement Event #2

Completed Events

  • Phase 1: Issue Identification – FireSmart Survey
  • Phase 1: Public Engagement Event #1


Drafts of the FireSmart LUB amendments will be provided for public review at various stages of the project.